Natural Hand and Body Lotion Using Lavender Essential Oil – Reasons Not to Use Store Bought Lotion

I lately came across a high-end hand and body lotion in my shower room. I opened the container and also smelled the cream. I right away sneezed concerning 10 times. I use aromatherapy items currently and also wondered as to what would certainly make me sneeze so much.

I review the ingredients on the bottle of the hand as well as body cream and also found that it had Glyceryl Stearate and Sodium PCA. After looking into these two ingredients, I discovered that they both could trigger skin reactions and/or extreme allergic reactions. I think my sneezing to be a hatred Glyceryl Stearate as well as Salt PCA.

Because I am a believer in Aromatherapy and utilize it consistently, I threw out my store purchased hand and body lotion and also started to make my own. All I did was purchase some odorless, organic hand as well as body cream along with some vacant one ounce containers. Simply mix in around 12 declines of lavender essential oil to one ounce of odorless, natural hand and also bottle lotion, shake it up and also you’re done!

The reason I selected lavender essential oil is since it is the most flexible of all essential oils as well as is important for all skin kinds and also conditions. One of the most important need to make use of lavender essential oil is it really advertises development of brand-new skin cells. When you utilize lavender oil, it’s not only great for your skin, it likewise has various other natural recovery residential properties. It’s excellent for insect bites, burns, abrasions, coughings, colds and influenza.

Making your own hand as well as body lotion using lavender essential oil is not only enjoyable, it is economical. It additionally offers you a sense of success that you made it on your own! You will certainly discover that it leaves your skin feeling new and also remarkable. It scents great as well.

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