Essential Oils and Burns – Why Many People Choose Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil

The essential oil of lavender is one of lots of all-natural and also pharmaceutical products offered for treating burns. It is my treatment of selection, and has been the treatment of option for a variety of people considering that the ancient Egyptians, if not previously.

An Example

Recently, a buddy emailed me to ask just what essential oil I might suggest for initial as well as 2nd level burns on his face. He had been out shedding tree branches, when he became reckless and got also close.

Individuals that have examined essential oils for any kind of length of time have actually discovered that the highest selection for burns of any kind is a pure, restorative grade lavender essential oil.

Why Lavender?

A healing quality of lavender essential oil is made up of over a hundred various compounds that do more than just help with burns.

1. Among these compounds has analgesic (pain soothing) buildings.

2. One more substance in lavender gives it antibacterial buildings.

3. Some clinical doctors – mostly in Europe and Ecuador – additionally utilize lavender to stop scarring.

4. The bottom line is that the components in lavender oil have lots of healing homes.

The best ways to Use It

There are a number of means to make use of lavender essential oil on such a shed, and here are 3 manner ins which come to mind initially.

1. Thinning down therapeutic grade lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) with a premium quality, organic grease 50:50 as well as applying it on the burn.

2. With restorative grade lavender essential oil, some individuals would not dilute it at all.

3. Putting healing quality lavender essential oil in a spray bottle with cleansed water as well as spritz on.

2 Cautions

Before you go out and purchase the initial container of lavender essential oil that you can find, there are 2 exceptionally essential cautions you ought to understand about, because there are 2 sorts of “lavender” oils that can make burns WORSE.

1. Lavender that has been adulterated with synthetic chemicals. This consists of the “lavender” that states “pure” on the label, yet according to UNITED STATE law, may have as low as 5% lavender and also that knows just what else as the other 95%.

2. Lavandin that has actually been classified as lavender, or even blended with lavender. Lavandin, as a result of its camphor content, will make burns worse!

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