Essential Oils – Nature’s Remedies

Essential oils are organic plant items, long-recognized for their medical homes. Although essential oils need to never ever to be made use of in place of clinical treatment, this write-up outlines a number of basic treatments, based on essential oils, for a few commonplace, minor conditions. All these remedies are based on the guidance given by qualified aromatherapists, and I can personally vouch for their performance.

Sore throat/mouth ulcer/gum infection

Add 5 drops of tea tree essential oil to a tiny glass of water. Gargle with a sip of the water for concerning 10 secs. Spew out. Repeat until all the water is gone. Swishing with tea tree essential oil can additionally assist soothe tooth pain till you can get to see a dentist.

Small burns/scalds

Minor burns/scalds must be cooled down first by placing them under or in running water for 5-10 minutes. After that add a couple of drops of pure lavender oil *. Please note, considerable or significant burns ought to be seen by a medical professional.

Mild sunburn

A lint-free cloth taken in lavender essential oil thinned down (5 ml to 1 litre) in water (do not use a service provider oil which can react with the warm) should be used gently to the afflicted location to assist reduce the warmth or burning sensation. Change the cloth as quickly as it dries with a wet one. Please note, serious sunburn must be seen by a medical professional.


Lavender essential oil could additionally help reduce the itching bring on by stings and also bites. First, wash the injury and after that use a couple of declines of oil thinned down in a provider oil to the spot.


Sprinkle 2-3 decreases of lavender essential oilonto the side of your cushion prior to you go to sleep. Take a breath deeply. Taking a cozy bathroom including essential oils effective against stress/tension (see below) prior to bed can also assist you relax.

General stress/tension

Take a long, warm bath to which you have actually added 2 declines of lavender essential oil, 3 decreases of ylang essential oil and also 2 decreases of sandalwood essential oil.

Anxiety/worry/panic attacks

Lavender essential oil is likewise great for minimizing stress and anxiety, fear and also panic attacks. Sprinkle 2-3 decreases of lavender onto a cells and breathe in deeply for a few mins until that panicky, limited feeling begins to reduce.

Colds/blocked nose

Sprinkle 2-3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a tissue and inhale on a regular basis throughout the day (rejuvenate the cells as needed). When you go to bed, spray 2-3 drops into the edge of your cushion, together with a couple of declines of lavender essential oil to help you rest.

I have discovered these treatments to be extremely beneficial for these widespread, minor disorders, and also hope you do also.

A couple of words of cautioning … Please note, essential oils should never ever to be made use of instead of clinical therapy. If you are expecting, epileptic, suffering from high blood pressure or currently taking drug consult your doctor or a qualified aromatherapist before using essential oils. Never take essential oils internally, and also keep them away from kids, family pets and also the eyes. Essential oils ought to additionally be avoided nude fires – they are volatile as well as for that reason flammable.

* Generally, essential oils should never be made use of straight on the skin, however need to be thinned down in carrier oil. The therapy of minor burns/scalds is the one exemption.

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