Harnessing the Colour Properties of Essential Oils

Colour can contribute in helping us to recover. Every colour belongs to a specific wavelength of light and thus will have different homes. We can utilise the properties of a colour by either wearing the colour in our clothes or as a headscarf, eating the colour (think different coloured foods), utilizing crystals of a particular colour or bathing ourselves in coloured light. In the same way we could additionally choose essential oils for their restorative residential properties based on their colour.

Colour: RED


Red is the colour with the lengthiest wavelength. It goes to the warm end of the spectrum and also stands for fire. Red is an effective energiser and also energizer. It is associated with masculine energy and is a symbol of life, stamina as well as vitality. It is likewise the leading colour of the base chakra. As such it belongs to the reproductive organs as well as fertility. Red is used where power is lacking. It can raise body temperature as well as improve the blood circulation.

Red Essential Oils:


This oil relates straight to the base chakra on which it has a strong energising result. It is utilized to increase physical stamina and energy. At a healing level it has an invigorating effect on the body. It heats the heart and circulation and reduces general pains and discomforts


This oil has a quite deep natural fragrance and is strongly associated with the base chakra. It supplies a conditioning and grounding impact. Patchouli helps to ground and integrate power as well as maintain us in contact with our physical selves. It is additionally associated with sex, money and physical power. At a restorative level it is made use of as an anti-depressant where there is stress and anxiety and stress relevant ailments.


Once more this oil is made use of as a valuable earthing and also basing agent. It serves for anybody who needs to be brought right into closer call with the earth to ground and centre their energies. At a basic degree it is stabilizing to the entire chakra system however especially connects to the root chakra. It is likewise related to money as well as protection. At a therapeutic level it is utilized to tranquilise and also tranquility where there is stress and anxiety and also stress.



Orange is a mix of red and also yellow and consequently has aspects of both physical power and intelligence. It is the dominant colour of the sacral chakra and also is symbolic of the womanly energy of development and is related to the adrenal glands.

Orange is the colour of delight as well as power as well as is as a result good for alleviating clinical depression. It also has an anti-spasmodic effect which helps in treating muscular tissue cramps as well as convulsions.

Orange is additionally connected with the splenic chakra (through which prana is soaked up) and also is consequently an excellent colour for fatigue and fatigue.

Gold is the colour of wisdom and is a sign of higher spirituality.

Orange/ Gold Essential Oils:


Cedarwood helps us to create and keep a sense of equilibrium and also control in our lives. It has a solid life providing quality which helps to soothe anxiety and stop temper, irritability or worry. It “bucks up” the vanity when we are really feeling estranged or de-stabilised. It could additionally improve spirituality and also reinforce our link with the divine. At a healing level it is used for muscular issues – arthritis, rheumatism, kink etc.; psychological problems such as sleepiness, anxious debilitation, inadequate focus, exhaustion, temper and tension associated issues; urinary system infections. Generally it is made use of to strengthen as well as reinforce.


In its refined use Jasmine is associated with like, peace, spirituality and also sexuality. Jasmine is believed to create the artistic detects and also associates with an individual’s creative thinking. It is likewise related to the spiritualisation of sex-related power. It has the tendency to suppress worries about tomorrow as well as to bring one right into today. At a healing degree it is made use of generally for psychosomatic troubles. It excels as a depressant as well as an anti-depressant. It can also be useful for female problems of Pre-Menstrual disorder and also Post-Natal depression. Jasmine is likewise valuable for dealing with muscle rheumatism.

Rose (Rosa Damascena).

Rose has a fondness with the sacral chakra in its effect after imagination, sex and also fertilization. It is a gentle aphrodisiac and also facilitates creative thinking in all the arts. Like Jasmine it is additionally related to the spiritualisation of sex-related energy as well as connections. At a therapeutic degree Rose is made use of for grievances connected to the women reproductive system, as a cleaning representative and also as an anti-depressant. It is extremely beneficial for stress-related conditions and psychological disorders.

Colour: YELLOW.


Yellow is the dominant colour of the solar plexus chakra. This power centre controls the digestive system and assists to purify the body from its getting rid of activity on the liver as well as intestines.

Yellow is the colour of the intellect and mind. The yellow rays bring positive magnetic currents which are motivating as well as stimulating. They reinforce the nerves as well as stimulate higher mentality and also turn on the electric motor nerves in the physique, therefore creating power in the muscular tissues. Therefore this colour is utilized to treat partial or complete paralysis, diabetes mellitus, acid indigestion, fractured or broken bones and all arthritic problems.

Yellow works with the skin by enhancing its texture, as well as by recovery marks.

It is additionally the colour of detachment as well as if made use of over an individual can come to be separated from people as well as the atmosphere.

Yellow Essential Oils:.

Clary sage.

As a therapeutic oil Clary sage can be utilized for skin problems – particularly places and boils; muscular rigidity, stress – specifically a racing mind and anxiety attack; and also any type of tension relevant ailments. It is also a relaxant, moderate blissful and aphrodisiac. Its subtle usage associates with dreaming, especially to enhance as well as encourage clear dreams. It is additionally great for changeable moods and indecisiveness.


Fennel can provide protection, especially if it is scrubed over the solar plexus chakra. It unblocks the capacity for certain self expression. It promotes the circulation of Qi in the belly and also intestines. As a restorative oil it is utilized for the gastrointestinal system – colic, irregular bowel movements, flatulence, nausea or vomiting; for skin treatment – swellings and dull, oily skin; for blood circulation problems – oedema, rheumatism and cellulite.


Pepper mint acts upon the ego, dispelling satisfaction. It additionally assists to overcome feelings of inability. It is also associated with cleanliness, both physical and mental. Peppermint is related to the mindful mind and also increases visual recognition. It highlights colours a lot more clearly. It can hold negative thoughts away. Used therapeutically it is especially helpful for psychological excitement, for assisting concentration when the mind is worn out as well as for the alleviation of light frustrations. It could be helpful to the digestive system for nausea, early morning sickness, acid indigestion and so on. It can be likewise serve for scratchy skin.


Petigrain associates with the mindful, intellectual mind as well as must be made use of when mental clearness is required. It could be used to develop the mind and clear mental cobwebs. At a restorative degree it could be psychologically uplifting, it eliminates stress and anxiety and also sleepiness. It could also work for combating sleeping disorders and nervous headaches.


Quality: Inequality, Toxicity.

Lime Eco-friendly Essential oils.


Cypress oil works sometimes of change such as occupation modifications, moving home, bereavement, ending close connections or altering one’s faith. It distils remorse as well as instils optimism and enables suppressed obstructive sensations to arise to consciousness. It can get rid of the fear or worry of what others might think about one’s activities. At a restorative degree it can be used as adheres to: for blood circulation troubles – it jazzs up and regulates the flow of blood and also aids to control nosebleeds, haemorrhages, wounds, varicose veins, extreme menstrual blood loss and so on. It is quite helpful where there is excess liquid such as heavy perspiration, oedema, incontinence, lymphatic blockage. In skin care it can balance oily and over-hydrated skin, and also can assist with acne and skin breakouts. It works in alleviating cellulite, both deep as well as surface.


Grapefruit’s subtle buildings associate with releasing and also positive outlook. It is valuable for ditherers and where there is resistance to transform. It smoothes tensions, stress, irritation and also grumpiness. Therapeutically it is used to stimulate and also rejuvenate. It lifts lethargy and moderate depression. It is a gastrointestinal energizer and aids irregularity. It can likewise be useful for an overheated liver and a slow lymphatic system.


Juniper is a detoxifier of both the refined and physical body. It is especially efficient removing any negative energy which has actually accumulated either regarding one’s individual or in a particular location. It removes unfavorable ideas and perspectives as well as benefits getting rid of hazardous ideas. Therapeutically it is utilized for nasal as well as bronchial infections or congestion, for promoting lymph circulation, for minimizing inflammation and for neighborhood massage therapy of damaged muscles.


At a subtle level Lemon is connected to health, physical energy and purification. It can be revitalising to a slow system. It could be made use of for the filtration of both self and residence. Therapeutically it excels to utilize where there is blockage such as bronchial or sinus infections. It is a light expectorant. It is also useful for rheumatic problems as well as sleepiness.



Green is the leading colour of the heart chakra, and also has the power to harmonise the positive and unfavorable powers of the body. It has an harmonising result on mind, body as well as spirit.

Green is the colour of equilibrium, harmony as well as sympathy. It likewise has antibacterial properties which provides it to utilize in situation of infection. It also has the ability to cleanse.

Eco-friendly Essential oils.

Rose (Rosa Centifolia).

Rose is the supreme oil of the heart chakra. It brings healing to the heart chakra and also aids it to open up once more when grief has actually triggered it to close down. It heals psychological injuries. Rose strengthens the heart energy, enabling love energy to radiate out. It is likewise beneficial and purifying to the heart. Therapeutically Rose is used to treat tension associated problems as well as mental ailments, having a solid impact on the mind and feelings. It could likewise remove warmth as well as swelling and also is usually utilized to deal with poisonous and also contagious conditions.


This is a specifically valuable oil where the Heart chakra is impacted by grief. The uplifting, relaxing and also wondrous impact of Bergamot can help in recovery and also opening up the heart chakra. When the heart is currently open Bergamot could assist an individual to radiate joy and also recovery to others. Therapeutically Bergamot is utilized to alleviate light anxiety as well as anxiety due to its uplifting homes. It is additionally helpful for skin problems specifically if they belong to tension. Bergamot is a cravings regulatory authority and also is particularly valuable where appetite is affected as a result of psychological anxiety.


This oil has a strengthening effect and is extremely valuable to the faint-hearted or for those who discover it hard to experience love or express it.


This oil is associated with happiness as well as security. It is utilized for entering control of one’s life as well as enables us to reconnect with our sensations. It is used therapeutically as an anti-depressant – its relaxing yet uplifting high qualities make it helpful for all stress related ailments. It is also known as the “balancing” oil, as well as because of this is made use of extensively for skin care, female hormonal troubles as well as diuretic as well as removal troubles.

Colour: BLUE.

Characteristic: Blue is the leading colour of the throat chakra. It symbolises inspiration, devotion, peace and also serenity.

Blue has a relaxing and also expanding impact. It is made use of to deal with tension, fear, palpitations, as well as insomnia. It is likewise a superb colour for healing and also meditation.

Blue Essential Oils:.

German Camomile.

This oil can differ from a deep green-blue (blue-green) to a deep inky blue (indigo) as it ages. This oil is soothing, relaxing and anti-inflammatory. it is specifically helpful where there is soreness as well as inflammation of the mucous membranes as a result of hayfever, colds, bronchial disorders etc. It is a beneficial nasal and also bronchial decongestant. It is also made use of as an agent for relaxing and soothing particularly in short-tempered skin conditions. It’s subtle usages connect to promoting rest, internal peace and also helping with meditation. It belongs to the throat chakra and also the expression of the inner guide and greater reality.

Roman Camomile.

This oil is comforting, relaxing as well as anti-inflammatory. it is specifically useful where there is pain as well as inflammation of the mucous membrane layers as a result of hayfever, colds, bronchial conditions and so on. Roman camomile is useful for relaxing cranky skin conditions such as dermatitis. It is very useful for alleviating worried conditions such as sleep problems as well as nervous tension. On a refined level it helps one to let go of repaired assumptions and to acknowledge one’s constraints. It belongs to sleep, reflection as well as peace and also is highly connected with the throat chakra.

Colour: INDIGO.

Characteristic: The colour is associated with the brow chakra. It is related to the mind, ears and eyes. Indigo is a solid pain reliever and has antiseptic buildings.

Indigo Essential oils.

German Chamomile.

This oil can rely on a deep inky blue (indigo) as it ages. Its subtle usages associate with promoting rest, internal peace as well as assisting with meditation. It is likewise a strong anti-inflammatory.


Utilized therapeutically this oil is exceptional for all problems of the female reproductive system since it shows up to have a hormone activity, possibly working upon the pituitary gland. It is made use of in skin take care of acne, burns, cuts, dermatitis, inflammations as well as wounds. Yarrow could be reliable against colds, fevers, influenza and also various other immune system relevant disorders. It could also be made use of for nervous disorders such as sleeping disorders as well as anxiety relevant problems. On a refined degree it is linked to defense and supposedly has a capacity to combine the aura. Yarrow can also provide a “visionary” effect on a psychological degree, motivating the have to accept pain in order to recover and exceed it.

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