A Child’s Successful Transfer From Home to School

A. A better start at school is what all parents wish for their children. Parental care, the main duty has in general one major role of parent’s efforts to bring up their children and the desire to provide better growth opportunities which in addition demand equally the importance of better ways of care. Formal educational needs for a child begin with his successful transfer from home to school.

B. In most cases the process of such transfer is faced with undesirable conditions making the shift to school from home extremely hard. Such possibilities in majority of cases rest with families with a background of illiteracy which disables the parents to provide an experience of schooling to children. Children from such background show signs of repulsive attitude with a mind to avoid it.

C. Common to all classes in parents regardless the educated or illiterate, home sickness remains a problem in children especially in smaller age groups. A child generally feels emotional shock of separation from parents. Home sickness is acute and in extreme levels during the first day of child at school as compared with days to follow next.

D. To overcome the feeling of loss from separation from parents and home, it is the hardest possible thing in a tender age of childhood. Unfamiliar faces and images totally different from the usual appearance of brothers and sisters at home leaves him quite cheerless,upsetting and unsettling. The mental discomfort of such emotional shock is the feeling of being a stranger without an accepted identity occupied with loneliness.

E. Preparation on the part of parents to get a better start for a child begins even before the day one of schooling. Frequent trips to school before actual admission to school minimizes emotional problems of separation and detachment between a child and parents. A child visiting his would be school in parent’s company gets first hand ideas of schooling just as visits to places different from home. Such pre-schooling visits to a school site reduce the possibility of sudden emotional loss in children.

F. The broad idea of parental care involves much wider and deeper understanding of child behavior in which the matter of educated and uneducated parents plays a key role in the successful adjustment of a child in school. Whereas the desire to educate a child remains a common concern among all parents, the uneducated suffer the loss in the matter of a successful transfer of children to school.


G. The most important factor in deciding whether a school becomes a second home for a child or a place like unfriendly and resisting for a child depends on the child’s impression of his first day at school. It depends on what a child registers the kind of first day schooling impression on his mind.

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