**Success in School and Beyond**

You send your kids to the best play school, his teachers are great, you get him the best books and activity kits, still your child may not be excited for school. You may wonder what is missing.

The twin areas that are often ignored in this witch hunt if you will, are the levels of attention and focus.

Children love attention coming from parents, teachers and friends. The most outstanding kids in school and sports are generally the kids who are their teachers and classmates favorites. They get special attention and love being the center of everything which motivates them to excel further and enjoy school life. This can be developed by a parents in an early age much before pre-school by spending more time with your kids in a school like environment, i.e. reading to them, indoor and outdoor activities. This will prepare them for school well in advance and help them have fun in the school ambiance.

Focus, well this is something you don’t and should not expect from a 2 year old. When your child goes to preschool he would be expected by his teachers to sit in a chair for at-least 15 minutes and listen to the class. This can be quite a challenge for someone who is used to do summersaults at home. They would hate going to a class even when they have to do an interesting activity grounded on a chair. Parents can prepare them with this by applying few simple methods.

Play teacher and student with them at home. It is the easiest way for preparing the child for school. Role playing is interesting and fun. He would know what a teacher is like and how he may be expected to behave in a class environment,
Don’t chase them to feed. Try to make them sit in a chair or one single location while they are eating. This is intended to develop the habit of sitting at the designated place in the class. So when you say it is time to eat, then the child would know he is expected to sit straight.
Take a picture book and ask them to flip pages while identifying the objects.Make sure they go over at least five pages in one session. This shall introduce the concept of studying and learning.
Talk to their teachers to know how you can help. If all else fails, teachers are the best help available. You may ask their advice as they know how your child is behaving in the classroom environment.

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