Stem Cell Therapy for Regeneration

Latest research about stem cell therapy for regeneration ensures that stem cells can be used for the regeneration of the sick cells. It is known that brain is the organ which controls all the physiological changes occurring in the body. Human body has the ability to heal it on its own. When injury occurs, brain orders the regeneration system to harvest the required number of stem cells from the body and send them to the sick organ. When these cells reach the target, on their way they receive a program about their future action with the help of interaction with specialized elements.

Once these stem cells reach their targeted organ, they start their activity. They start secreting certain growth factors which take assistance from the blood vessels and start producing new blood cells. These new cells replace the damaged cells and heal the part of the body. Sometimes it happens so that body fails to produce these stem cells on its own. In this case these are injected in the body from external and they work in the same way for the healing of the body as it has been explained earlier.

These can be obtained from the person himself, form the same species and form some other species. Donors are also available for providing these. These are basically immature cells that have the ability to differentiate into many different types of the cells. They can divide without any limit until and unless their required number is attained.

This therapy for regeneration can be done in both children and the adults and even to pregnant women. Let us have a look on the benefits of this technique:

• It delays the process of aging. It also prevents certain effects like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gonarthritis, osteoporosis etc.

• It revitalizes the nervous system. It is helpful in curing diseases like multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, cerebral atrophies, early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, degenerative procedures etc.

• It also strengthens the muscles. That is why this method can be used to treat muscles dystrophy, diseases of back bone, kyphosis, paralysis, lordosis, spondylosis etc.

• It regenerates the internal organs, blood and the skin tissues. Overall it can be used for the treatment of almost all types of chronic diseases e.g. cancer, leukemia, diabetes mellitus, prostate adenoma, hepatitis, baldness, diseases of bone marrow, early cirrhosis, autism, Parkinson’s and many other such diseases.

• It balances the cell activities and detoxifies the organic environment.

In short regeneration of the cells is possible in a very easy way with the help of stem cell therapy.

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